Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have had a pretty tough day today. Each day I look forward to July 1st with renewed anticipation, joy and a bit of fear. This evening, however, I must take some time to visit an old memory.

It was a beautiful mid-June, early summer day. I was in the middle of a peaceful lake on a boat with my husband and two of our friends. They were all fishing. I do not fish, but nonetheless I was enjoying the sound of the water lapping the boat as we slowly drifted, the slight breeze as it caressed my skin, the warm sun shining on my face, the woods that surrounded us - the beauty of God's creation at it's best. It is moments like that, that take me back to the beginning, Genesis. The beginning of creation, of life, of the earth, the water, the sun, the moon, the trees, and I become exceedingly grateful that He created it all, called it good, and gave it to us.

I could say so much more...about the environment, being green and responsible - which I am completely in favor of, but tonight I just want to bask in that memory and find peace.

Thank you Lord - not only for those moments that day, but for the memory that stirs inside me as I reflect upon it. Goodnight...